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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

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Kusaimen -Stinky Noodles

Takamura sensei used to say this from time to time. It was one of his funny Japanese idioms. I finally asked him to explain the term. In his uniquely humorous manner he laid it out in a story.

So Tobysan, you have a bowl. You fill it with very expensive noodles and the highest quality ingredients. You spare no expense in creating the best bowl of noodles possible. A true masterpiece of noodle making. Then, you crap in the noodles. You know what? It all tastes like crap!

No matter how wonderful or enlightening the information, if the teacher is a jerk, he's a jerk. The information is not worth it because its corrupted. Why? Because there's someone out there with the same or better information, who's also a nice guy. Who's not interested in self-aggrandizement, but into the graciousness and honor that comes with seeing his student's progress. He's not interested publicly demeaning others or arguing about who's best or who knows what. He's just teaching and proudly standing beside his students on their quest.

As leader of koryu I have a unique and complex responsibility beyond that of individual enjoyment, but at the end of the day I still do what I do because I enjoy it. It enriches my life. The day that ceases to be true, I will stop and pass my responsibilities to another out of fear I will become .......kusaimen.


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