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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Thanks, Kevin.

And thanks, Dan, for the thoughtful response. All is well, here - great, even. My son turned one last month and everyone's healthy and happy. And of course I hope all is well with you and yours.

I think that the main thrust of the last few years - getting people interested in "this stuff" - has been successful in that it's now more openly looked at, by those whom have interest, as a discrete skillset, regardless of martial art. There are now avenues for people to pursue to try to get their own foot in the door and getting started in building it up in themselves.

I get the frustration with "authority" being placed in some viewpoints versus others - but I'm hoping that with time, if the brewing factions can be prevented from getting too toxic, that "authority" continues to be based on people getting out and more and more people being "vetted" by as objective a set of criteria as possible. At this point, it seems few enough people have been "vetted" and the objective criteria (and I really am not talking about "feats", because they ought to be a "result" of good training, methinks, rather than the end goal as I've witnessed the case to be at times) is still being somewhat defined . .

So taking the example from my first post that you added to . . If I get experienced enough to "feel" differences then maybe I can say from a static push that Person A feels like pushing a wall, Person B feels like I'm pushing myself away, Person C seems to make any force I exert disappear, Person D can exhibit any and all of the three previous persons' characterisitcs on demand . . I think that will be another step forward, even if it's not happening publicly, but behind the scenes while people all chase the skills and train their butts off, compare notes, etc.

And even if you do opt out publicly from things, I think there's plenty of debt owed to your participation and putting discussions of IS on the frontburner (in addition to following up to meet people, etc.) that it's not going to be overlooked even as, hopefully, we all collectively move forward.

Best Regards,

Taikyoku Mind & Body
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