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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Hi Budd
I Hope all is well.
Your assessment about what to do and where to go is spot on, isn't it. I remain open in that regard. I think it best to let people go out and test. I just strongly object when some are "looked up to" and I then read some of the comments, and hear some of the mud being slung about who so and so will recommend and who people should avoid.

I think folks need to just do the research themsevles. It seems to me that MA'ers spend all sorts of money to go feel these big shots in TMA; I say let em. Others may choose to spend time and money exploring the alternates; let them do that as well. People will waste time, and others will get it, while others are ogling over Johnnies really cool waza, some men will get real power and skill that negates Samurai Johnnies really cool waza!

No one is going to really change anyone Else's mind by talking about it are they? The most we are going to do is to generate interest, and that's about it.

To address your point about "How do you know which ones to go to-who all feel powerful but stress ABC or XYZ?" You don't and never will, till later on. and what if part of both methods is right even if it is all each party knows? What someone knows a better way than both? In the end people will pick a teacher or a method for a host of reasons; some of them wise, some of them not so wise. But here's the thing;
Who's being honest with their recommendations
Who really has the level of skill to be offering any kind of recommendations to start with?

I opt out. You guys can fight that fight and leave me out of it. I suggest you listen to other people you trust, and try as many as you can and find out for yourself.
I was...and still am open to sharing. My point is that it never was an honest and open exchange on the net. There was an agenda attached to it by certain people. I "called it" for what it was, and thankfully I am pleased that others have recently gotten that as well all on their own. No big deal, we're all used to that in the TMA; it's SSDD. It's the way it always was and I suspect always will be. We all just have to do the best we can to find what we need.
Good luck in your search Budd

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