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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I was never much interested in teaching and coaching on the internet in the first place. Then this idea was proposed, Josh; to openly share and be all "good golly lets swap information." Due to certain parameters, and certain people- I never trusted that, but talked more openly behind the scene and shared. Then the reality set in. There are some guys playing this game with a devisive and self-serving agenda, Josh. In the end it was the same old Martial Art crap, now wrapped up in a different package. I want nothing from these men. I'm going to support the teachers I commit to and a few other select people that I trust and that just may be it for me. Why? I have grown truly disgusted by some of the people involved in this new "movement." They're not my kind of people.
You know, I think it is unfortunate that there is this division happening when on surface everyone appears to be chasing the same . . er . . beast . . dragon? (nah, that's a different drug), but public discussions end up being about personalities. In general, I think there's a lot of talking past each other and button pushing happening that is usually indicative that basic communication has broken down somewhere.

I think parts of the elements of factionalism are a result of some people seeing IT as a kind of "club" that you do or don't belong to . . rather than understanding (at least it looks this way from my limited view) how much of a frustrating and often solitary pursuit it becomes as you struggle to condition yourself from the inside out and "get it".

Dan, you've mentioned more than once going out to see what people are doing. I agree with this completely, but it also seems like - to get a foot in the door, so to speak, you have to pick a methodology to start from in order to develop a base, or have a basic education in "this stuff". For example, if I push on Person A and can't move him and then push on Person B and can't move him - person A tells me it's because of XYZ, while Person B tells me it's because of ABC . . and they both feel a little different, but that's as much as my limited exposure allows me to discern . . who to believe and who to follow? You get the conundrum?

To your point, it becomes a matter of who will teach you, who can you best learn from, who can reproduce the skills in you. Maybe another addendum to that is who is accessible for questions and followups, who is teaching discrete bodyskills versus bundling it with a martial system (or even showing how the skills express in any martial art) . . I think those are important factors when looking at Internal Power Development Methods, also, and I'm sure there's others, too.

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