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Re: Jacket embroidery: kanji AND latin/roman characters at the same time?

Thanks for both responses. Jeff, I had in fact followed your recent Facebook photo to your dojo's pictures.

Chris, thank you for elaborating on the katakana vs. kanji.
In my case, the kanji as seen in my avatar, was chosen by my sensei, a native of Japan. If memory serves he told me they (can) mean "source" and "benevolence", respectively.

Though you are of course correct, there are many non-japanese who have their names more directly and phonetically translated into kanji.

I have often heard the story of another student and another sensei (same deal, he was given his name in kanji, the sensei also being Japanese and the student a westerner, they were both present). While waiting at one of the Budo kan embukai staging areas before going out to demonstrate, the student tells of how a Japanese gentleman he did not know was inquisitively pondering the kanji on his sleeve for several moments, and the sudden grin and exclamation of "Oh! Now I get it! Dancing River of Ki! That means Mikeru!".

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