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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

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Are there other such roadmaps to IP? I don't see what other pattern it could be. I had not seen the pattern in this way…
Hi Josh
I prefer to teach:
Intent, no external movement
Movement with intent
But for some they have trouble so I combine certain *patterned* movements that will (in the end) be very useful *new* ways to move in a fight, (once re-combined with trained intent).

A most interesting factor is the nature of that movemment; not all is the same. Thinking all you need do is some breath work and "move with ki" and incorporate that into any movement is just simply ridiculous and is going to have people end up stronger but by and large still "moving" with many of the same problems they did before. It's not enough to get people where I suspect they want to go. And they will be bested by those with more intelligent and in depth training.

There are methods to use IP/Aiki in patterned movement. I am talking about ways to move that are not normal, that cannot in fact even be done or pulled off with external mechanics and these are very powerful in fighting. The ways to express power from IP/Aiki has a rationale in physical movement, movement, that put quite plainly-will simply take most Martial artists apart in any number of ways.
I guess it all depends on your experience in teaching and your experience in fighting with IP/aiki to know the difference and be able to both demonstrate and teach it.

Why it it so quiet in here? We are all learning, no?
I was never much interested in teaching and coaching on the internet in the first place. Then this idea was proposed, Josh; to openly share and be all "good golly lets swap information." Due to certain parameters, and certain people- I never trusted that, but talked more openly behind the scene and shared. Then the reality set in. There are some guys playing this game with a devisive and self-serving agenda, Josh. In the end it was the same old Martial Art crap, now wrapped up in a different package. I want nothing from these men. I'm going to support the teachers I commit to and a few other select people that I trust and that just may be it for me. Why? I have grown truly disgusted by some of the people involved in this new "movement." They're not my kind of people.

You remind me of this clip of Liu Chengde you posted a while back. ooooh..."Amazing!" In fact. And no…I have no idea what you'd say. ; ) Just thinking out loud...but it occurs to me the uke actually spins himself as he 'uncoils' from the parting-implanted-load?!? Pretty neat thought.
Well this one was good too.
He was fun to play with, though he never got me to move like any of those guys, and I got repetitive shoulder and elbow bombs to boot!
Wonderful guy! There are some very interesting and valuable lessons in those two videos.
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