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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

...and yet if you try that BS in grappling you are the moron for your effort
I have been that moron.
Is it just me, or is it at the beginning of this stuff you have no idea of its extents…so you do/try some pretty stupid things? trying to find the 'boundaries'? Probably just me.

So how ironic is it to use movement joined with intent at the newbie level, to get to pure intent without movement that does some pretty startling things in a trained body, so that in the end you can arrive at movement again. Only this time it is pure intent driven movement.
Totally Ironic. HA!
What's that saying? Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment chop wood carry water. Same but different, eh?

Are there other such roadmaps to IP? I don't see what other pattern it could be. I had not seen the pattern in this way…

Entering / leaving
Or you can capture him with just a little breath work (or frame) and if you know how to use your connection you can enter him -while leaving; causing a rotation in his center
You remind me of this clip of Liu Chengde you posted a while back<. ooooh..."Amazing!" In fact. And no…I have no idea what you'd say. ; ) Just thinking out loud...but it occurs to me the uke actually spins himself as he 'uncoils' from the parting-implanted-load?!? Pretty neat thought.

I really hope other people feel empowered to share more, as it seems everyone wants others to do the same. Perhaps we each hold some of the keys for others' understandings and only ‘get' when we give.
I am not a hippy.

Why it it so quiet in here? We are all learning, no?
Thanks for reading.
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