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Amir Krause
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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

David Soroko wrote: View Post
As an non numeric illustration consider this: every Jewish male is required to give thanks to god every morning and in particular "Baruch atah…she lo asani isha." that is "Thank you god ... for not making me a woman".
True, but I am not sure this should be considered as discriminatory, this is a recognition of reality : women lives were and still are more difficult, definitly true for 2,000 uears ago (when most prayers were set) and still true today This is a matter of intention. Note the women say "blessed he who made me as he wishes" (hope my translation is sufficient).

If you are looking for discrimination, you could note that women are disallowed from being a reliable witnesses (toghether with the fools and the blinds). There many other issues, just not of the top of my head right now

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