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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Actually it is an example fraught with misunderstanding. There are external ways to handle that force / there are internal ways to handle that force and both can handle and capture the guy exerting on you with dumb and even trained force-hence the reason so many are fooled or confused by so called "expert" martial artists.
Misunderstanding the example, due to misperception, or lack of instruction, is not the fault of the example. But I see your point, Dan.

You set up an example and talk about THEE way to do it as if there is only one internal method or means to accomplish the task and one external and they are delineated as absolutes. Than you sit around and wait for some approved guy to put his approved stamp on it and say it is correct. Granted there are correct means and commonalities that are internal, no disagreement from me; but talking about it as a singular thing is just nonsense.
I don't think that is the case here, Dan. As you well know, there are many different approaches, some more external than others. Just trying to get to the heart of the internals - the overlap of correct means and commonalities... so to speak.

<snip>Thanks for the clarification here. Much appreciated.

Trying to build a consensus among the latest IP' aiki craze is about as effective as was building a consensus among the MA community who didn't have a clue about IP/Aiki.
I don't think that is the case here either... comparing approaches is not building consensus. IF consensus is the result of such comparisons, then fair enough... but it's not the goal - at least not my intent for starting the thread. Hope this clarifies things.

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