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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

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You set up an example and talk about THEE way to do it as if there is only one internal method or means to accomplish the task and one external and they are delineated as absolutes. Than you sit around and wait for some approved guy to put his approved stamp on it and say it is correct. Granted there are correct means and commonalities that are internal, no disagreement from me; but talking about it as a singular thing is just nonsense.
I totally agree, and to be clear I think there's multiple ways to solve this particular problem, some different than others, which doesn't make the other ways any less "correct."

And I could give a rats ass over whether someone "approves" of a given solution or not, I think it's important to keep your own council. We're all learning.

"Dumb force" is dumb, again I agree. But it could help to establish a baseline as to how different people approach a problem. Otherwise it's a hassle to talk about it in terms of other kinds of force generation.

Say for instance,
Getting under + utilizing the winding along the inner lines etc (lines of connection running on the inside of the legs, or in Sam's terms, the yin side), to cause person B to be drawn inwards and off balance.

Not necessarily the best solution, but a possible one.
I prefer drawing in, as opposed to popping someone off since it's more viable to have them stuck to you as opposed to simply bouncing them away.

In any event, what I iterated above could be completely off-base, in which case I'm fair game to be called on as well.
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