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Internal power / aiki discussions

I continue to suggest people go meet people. Not all methods are the same, not all will lead in the same direction. Stop listening to these guys who set up court and tell you who they will or will not recommend.
It is enough that you now have an awareness that IP/ Aiki exists and has been the driver behind these mysterious skills that have been talked about in the arts. As many of you are (thank God) finally realizing some have had an agenda all along. Now you need to start checking people and methods out.

Some of the people teaching "internals" are in fact-not; but are marginal, using tensioned paths that will sooner or later have to be discarded and reworked,
Some have skills in traditional arts, with only basic understanding.
Some have a more well rounded education but who's actual skill level in use goes from laughable to mediocre.
Then you have the master class;
Some of whom are nothing more than good jujutsu men with basic linear jin skills and cool waza
Some are the real powerhouses and sources for information.
And knowledge is not wisdom or skill
If you are going to be content with listening to the blow hards...well then you get what you paid for.

Be Martial Art researchers. You can spend all of your money and time investing in the teachers who have by and large screwed us up and taught only surface skills, or you can find people with unusual skills who know how to teach you to do the same.
Some of you are going to-in the end- only want to stay within a tradition and mask your own weaknesses with waza.
Some of you will settle for simple skills that enhance your waza,
Some will pick a camp
Some of you are going to really get it.

I've had some interesting phone calls recently about what is being said around town and some of the real ugliness involved. For some this has stopped being an honest discussion a long time ago. It's all an aggenda. There are those who know it is true, but like the martial artists they are, they aren't saying a word.
There are many of you who have met me and know I am consistent and transparent. As one teacher put it "Brutally honest"; for that reason I want no part of the new "pick a side and spread lies" agenda and politicing -now setting itself up around IP/Aiki...and all done while claiming to be so nice and open on the web. Interestingly enough there are people with information that can "out" certain aggenda's at the core of much of the BS but no one wants to make the move. SSDD. It does nothing for me. I have better things to do

Ladies and gents, I don't have to say a word or name names, that niggling little nudge you have, that "guess" your instincts have warned you about-is shared by others as well.
Get out and check people out. Compare and take care of you. These are the finest skill the arts have to offer -don't let the some of the people involved in the discussion of them, get in your way.
Good luck in your training.

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