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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Ashe Higgs wrote: View Post
Re: Rob, just out of curiosity, how long did you train with Sifu before moving to Japan?

It was only for a scat of two years, and I'd have to say the bulk of the training I owed to Dave.
Let me be clear though, at that point I didn't have any internal dev whatsoever. However, I was privy to be able to touch Sam and Dave a lot, and they gave me a litmus test for what was "actual" skill.
Though I did develop a lot of muscle backed structure...something that takes a while to undo :-p

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Lot's of systems teach how to unify yourself / build the frame, etc. But REALLY learning how to unify yourself with the opponent, in such a way that you learn to manifest offense/defense simultaneously on the point is something else altogether.
I dunno Ashe, having felt Sam, and others, all of them shoot for manifesting "offense/defense simultaneously on the point of contact."
The more I look, the more I see commonalities.

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You should already be unifying yourself with the opponent before contact is even made so that as the process of contact is under way your maintaining opponent outside of your circle while penetrating opponents circle simultaneously.
That's a given, but you bring up a good point. But rather than looking at it that way, maybe it would be easy to reduce it to simpler force vectors. To be honest, at this point you sound like you're simply regurgitating Sam, and I've got faith that you can do better, and explain it in your own vocab

Ashe Higgs wrote: View Post
At that point there,a no need to off balance since you can just strike in, unless opponent can manage to recover enough to manifest some defense (brushing power) at which point you can start to off balance while looking to re-penetrate his sphere to you can strike in or off balance enough to throw.
To clarify, the exercise is not a technique, but a construct to conveniently examine the generation of forces etc.(Hell, it's a stupid position to be in, as are most exercises, but they're formed that way for a reason)

Let's leave strikes etc out of it for now.
Your arms are down by your sides, and someone is hold your wrists. He's giving you a dumb force, how do you deal with it?
No one's stepping, we're simply talking shenfa/body method.

I'm trying to get a bit of style-independent analyzation going on, which I know from personal experience, is possible between people that have the basics hammered in.

To short circuit something that might come up, one way to look at it from Sam's perspective might be that it's a Yin (front side) on Yang (back side) scenario, where B is contacting your Yang with his Yin, with you playing underhand instead of top-hands. (If you weren't going to go down this path forgive me).
I'm advocating throwing this out as well for now.

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