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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Alejandro Villanueva wrote: View Post
Because a "religious person" doesn't discriminate based on gender. Just to follow the example along the thread, Judaism and Islam don't discriminate against women. Read the Torah and the Al Quram? Read the Bible? What's the difference in them? It is the people who discriminate, not the religion. The people's misinterpretation of the doctrines is who discriminate. The "ad pedem litterae" thingy.
The people whom this thread references will state, quite clearly, that it is against their religion to touch women. Not that they, personally, choose not to touch women, but that their religion forbids it.

Because religion is a special category. You know, you cannot fight agains faith.
Why not? If someone wants to treat me as a second-class citizen, why should I care why they are doing it? A person's faith is absolutely their own until they start behaving in ways that have real-world consequences. When they start making claims about the physical world, their claims enter the realm of testing by science; when they start behaving in a way that impacts others, their behavior enters the realm of social or even legal regulation.

Freedom of speech means that you get to say what you want, not that you're free of the social consequences of what you've said; freedom of religion means that you get to believe what you want, not that you're free from the social consequences of your beliefs.
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