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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Robert John wrote: View Post
But isn't capturing mass more dependent on how you manage the forces in the body, with external angles ad nausem being of only tertiary importance?
no i wouldn't say that at all.

the process of unifying yourself is only half the game (i.e. managing force within the body / 13 points), you still have to unify / flow with opponent (i.e. applying force accurately on the opponent.)

Adam Bauder wrote: View Post
This is where the distinction between hard and soft sometimes gets lost on me. 'cause what Sam Chin displays in the video looks like good, soft training to me.
maybe tension is a bad word. the clip just is during lecture, but in practice should be done with... force? maybe that's the right word.

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
That's not very helpful, is it? Why not say that it's the manipulation by the mind of the tension created by adhering to the 13 points that draws the circles?
because i wouldn't say that's accurate.

Ignatius Teo wrote: View Post
And although I understand that Sam Chin is trying to articulate these concepts more clearly, I feel it could be made clearer and simpler.
some concepts just have to be discussed in depth if you actually want to achieve some skill.

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