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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

As I mentioned before, the hard/soft reference was less about the arbitrary dichotomy in terms of the quality of tension, as it is an indication of the broad spectrum of approaches. In that respect, Mike's caution regarding the tendency towards "muscle-based jin" warrants careful consideration.

Whilst I am familiar with some of the classical admonitions - some of which are evident in Ashe's 13 points, practically, I see little difference compared with, say, (what little I know of) the Aunkai methods, in terms of "building the frame". The differences may be purely semantic, or in the minute details, or how individuals approach it - depending on what level they're at.

And although I understand that Sam Chin is trying to articulate these concepts more clearly, I feel it could be made clearer and simpler.

In that respect, I think folks are going to have to more clearly define their use of certain terms, and nut out the fine detail...

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