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Thomas Campbell
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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Adam Bauder wrote: View Post
[snip] this sounds like it would place emphasis on what Mike Sigman would refer to as the "suit".


Since "tension" seems to have different meanings in different training methodologies, would "stretch" be a better fit than "tension," as far as the Aunkai is concerned? Or does it mean exactly what "tension" commonly means?


I only have an ambiguous idea of what the "suit" or "body suit" means in actual practice as far as how Mike uses it. So beyond generally acknowledging that there is a reference to the connective tissue winding through the body, I would refer you to Mike for specific questions on that.

I'm similarly not in a position to distinguish between "stretch" and "tension" as it is "commonly" used means, in terms of the Aunkai methodology.

The one thing I can specifically agree with you on is that "tension seems to have different meanings in different training methodologies." That is probably safe to say. And it's a good reminder that the most carefully thought out exchanges on a forum may turn out to be way off base when it comes to getting together--with someone who has some measure of these skills--and training.

I hope I'm not frustrating you too much. I'm not very good with internal skills and I'm not a teacher. I only wanted to say something on this thread about my personal perspective on training a full spectrum of tension instead of seeing things simply as "hard" or "soft."
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