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Mike Sigman
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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Adam Bauder wrote: View Post
Now that I think of it, this sounds like it would place emphasis on what Mike Sigman would refer to as the "suit". For example, in my crude door-jam example, my arms rose from a sort of flexed memory, as opposed to any form of support pushing up from the ground (so I guess my example is definitely not an internal method ). Since "tension" seems to have different meanings in different training methodologies, would "stretch" be a better fit than "tension," as far as the Aunkai is concerned? Or does it mean exactly what "tension" commonly means?
Hi Adam:

Just to interject a word of caution... you're right that there are different meanings to "tension" and one of the famously known errors between "internal" and "external" arts is this type of misunderstanding. Like I said, I've finally come around to letting people just pick for themselves, since they've historically done such a good job... so Dan and I agree on this part of it, finally.

Frankly, as long as someone is still using arm and shoulder power, none of this matters a lot, because the arm and shoulder usage will obviate any worries about what is the proper meaning of "tension".


Mike Sigman
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