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Re: Training with Dan Harden

Tom Reynolds wrote: View Post
I train in Aikido in Worceser, Massachusetts and am considering training with Dan Harden. Does anyone have any experience training with him that they would like to share.
The biggest single problem folks have with "aiki" training is access. Most of the folks on the forum here who are training with one of the acknowledged internal power teachers have only occupational access. They have to travel long distances and actually get hands on instruction a few times a year. Then they work on what they've been taught until the next time, which might be six months to a year away.

If you are fortunate enough to be near enough to one of them to be able to train regularly without it costing you a thousand dollars and a few days of vacation time, you'd be absolutely crazy not to. Being so close to someone as open to teaching as Dan is is a huge gift. Get over there and train your brains out.

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