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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

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you're not going to build up the ligaments and tendons with breath work alone...

here's a clip showing the wrapping training i discussed earlier. it should be done with quite a bit of tension...
The question remains where the tension comes from. Would you agree if I said that the basis for the tension comes from maintaining the 13 points? (Not that I know much about them, btw. I had to look them up and not all of them make sense to me based on their short description.)

For reference: the 13 points from
1. Center of Gravity Force - Center of the feet
2. Perineum pointing down to the balance beam line
3. Dantien - Suction & Condense
4. Mingmen - Projection & Expand
5. Crown - Suspended
6. Sternum - Suction & Condense
7. Qua - Maintain the energy on the center of the hips
8. Drop shoulders over the hips
9. Tucking of the ribs
10. Nine solid & one empty on the feet
11. Elbows always pointing down
12. Knee pointing to the toe
13. Balance the body of Yin & Yang
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