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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Robert John wrote: View Post
I guess a more pertinent question would be... where do you think the "hardness" comes from? I got my own ideas but I'm curious to hear what you think first.
structure. the ligaments, tendons and bones. at least in the beginning. you gatta have the structure backing you up.

Robert John wrote: View Post
Actually I'm also curious to hear your thoughts on this.
When you say "preciseness on touch" what do you exactly mean? The touch at point of contact?
Physically how do you capture the other person's lower mass?
yes, preciseness on the point of contact. you use the upper mass to pressure the lower mass. i was looking through my list of clips and couldn't find one of the Sifu demonstrating. it, so i'll try and describe it in better detail in the morining...

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