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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Ashe Higgs wrote: View Post
for us, we say that dan tien is only a reservoir for storage. we use the ming men for power.
The mingmen is technically the back of the dantien, FWIW. The mingmen is the point for power going upward (up the back; see all the acupuncture charts, even) and the dantien on the front of the body is fine, but normal movement uses the the power down the front of the body after the power has gone up the back. To take the "not using the dantien" comment literally, there is no down-power in ILC. I would make a personal bet that Sam Chin wouldn't be rash enough to say that. However, I don't want to argue trivial techno-babble, other than to point out that the statement simply won't work. And I'm only responding to a publicly asserted comment.


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