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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Ashe Higgs wrote: View Post
the clip i posted was around the time when i was at the "six forces" stage in my development.

as i said, those are qualities observed and manifested on the point. within the body are the 13 points and the five qualities of unification.
So how about simply posting a recent video? As I understand it, you're saying that the old video was no good, you don't like people commenting on it (even though YOU posted it), and you're well beyond that now. The easy way to do it is to post another video rather than indicate that people who looked at the video YOU posted don't understand where you are now.

Another possibility might be to functionally describe HOW you changed over from the rather obvious arm usage to your current better performance.

Incidentally, even Sam Chin is constrained (if he wants to legitimize ILC) to the classical arguments and admonitions. If you notice the ILC commentaries, a lot of the old classics are referred to. I happen to know and understand those old classical statements and would be happy to see a pointer to the "13 points and five qualities of unification". I'm always open to finding a better way.

Thanks. And please note that I'm responding to public comments that you yourself have made. If asking followup questions is going to result in you suddenly not posting anymore, etc., please note that AikiWeb already has a person that does all of that. (Sorry Ashe... that's an inside joke and is not meant to pique you)


Mike Sigman
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