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Mike Sigman
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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Ashe Higgs wrote: View Post
we use a similar approach in ILC as well.

both light and heavy on touch. sometimes during our spinning hands training we go very heavy on touch, which we call "grinding hand" (moa shou). here's an example

we also use a similar type of training in solo practice which we call wrapping in which involves lots of tension.
Not to single you out, Ashe, but let me make a meant-to-be-helpful suggestion. And it honestly is. That use of arm and shoulder is *not* what I see Sam Chin doing and it's certainly not ever going to lead to using the dantien and thus into the realm of real "internal martial arts". Now I realize that I can just be silent or I can say "great video, Ashe".... but that would be done only with a smirk on my face and some ill-intent -- and that's not my personality.


Mike Sigman
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