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Ernesto Lemke
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Re: Measuring IP within kata

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
But how did the koryu do it? Did they first teach techniques and later filled them in with IP? Much like Takeda taught some/most/all people jujutsu first and the internal stuff later? Do we want to do the same in aikido?
I think it's more paradoxical in the sense that I believe, it indeed was hidden in plain sight, to coin that popular phrase. But I don't want to get into that. The reason I started this thread is that what I find hard to do is measuring the level of IP as I try to notice and apply this within the kata. Which to me seems to be the sole purpose of having IP (health benefits aside). I run into more variables within the kata vs. some IT drills that obscure the means with which I can measure IP with any certainty. I guess it's a greater challenge.
Chris Moses mentioned speed and timing for instance. Like in some IT drills you ask some specific type of resistance or cooperation. But only in some kata do you specifically ask this type of cooperation (ok ok there's always some sort of cooperation but at least I try to get to a point where there's none). How many times do you perceive uke (and yourself too) switch gears during a kata sequence? I guess it's one pitfall of knowing in advance what's coming. At least I'm certainly guilty of some of that though I'm trying not to be.

Or do we want to have new students practice some basic exercises first for a few years (so no actual 'aikido') and only when they have a sufficiently developed body, start doing the aikido techniques?
Well that somewhat describes how one approaches the issue in the tradition I'm a member of. I was just unfortunate enough to first be affiliated with another organization that didn't so my shortcomings (many I'm afraid ) are mine to bear. But I'm trying to catch up!

Ernesto Lemke
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