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Re: Measuring IP within kata

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In addition to aikido kata . . . how about the issue of moving from stand-up to groundwork? There are a similar set of challenges, I think.

I'll get flak for calling them the "second generation," but like you I think it is valuable--and important--to talk and to work with guys like these, who will be the test of whether the teaching of the "pioneers" (and I'll get flak for that too ) like Dan, Ark and Mike is getting through and taking root. Allen, Chris, Bill and Rob, all in their own ways, stepped out of their previous training paradigms and took a chance. Courage, and the desire to improve.

Heartwarming stuff. Now it's back to the Hallmark Channel.
To be fair, aikido has its own world. For the most part, groundwork isn't a big chunk of that world. But, given IT and aiki, I think anyone who wants to apply their "" to groundwork would have an easier time of it. As you said, a similar set of challenges.

I like "Second Generation". I'll use that, if you don't mind. Or maybe "First Generation Students". Wonder if "Grandmaster Soke Dai Oh-Sensei" is taken for the "pioneers". LOL!

Back to serious. Yeah, I think highly of all of them, even some that choose to remain unmentioned.
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