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Re: Who's got Internal Training and can and will teach it?

David Orange wrote: View Post
Excellent description of a very big and very unusual guy. Very interesting power. You did a great job with Andy.


Ghosty, issuing, and then bam, knockout power (trust me, you don't want to ever get hit by him!). Try throwing him-it's freaking hilarious; he sort of stands there looking at people with that distracted and bemused half smile of his! He's not much for traditonal stuff though, I can't get him to go down that road.

As you saw and heard; he speaks so softly and so well and has an open spirit about him. Then again, he is seeing what I have seen, There is no reason to "talk smack" to anyone from the TMA, when after crossing hands with them "on their turf" he's not the one continually being "surprised," now is he?
In fact, I guess loking at the TMA from his perspective; internal power in MMA, why would he ever want to do a traditonal art?
Imagine though, David, he's all of 28 yrs old. He's only just begun. Argh!!
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