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Re: Who's got Internal Training and can and will teach it?

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Lol. Not sure. You're in MA? If you wanna play with some of our guys we have Johnny Kuo in PA or anytime you're in the NYC or poughkeepsie area there's plenty of guys. Otherwise you'll have to head south to NC.
Starting nexty year or so we're going to start doing a lot more workshops domestically. (mostly we've been in eastern Europe).
LOL, He's one of mine Ashe!
You'd love him. Big guy, very soft, he's been doing this stuff since he was a teenager and looooves to roll, loves to go to MMA and BJJ places, though he can play nice as well and just test power and stand up skills in the traditional sense. I'm not talking strength here; I'm talking soft power and the ability to create change. I think he would be happier feeling Sam himself or maybe Dave.
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