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Re: Blending with the attack.

Josh Phillipson wrote: View Post
Christian, How on earth can you do that?!
OK, how 'bout some tabletop aiki. Take a chopstick. Sit down at the dinner table. Put one end of the chopstick on the table and hold the other end with your fingertip with the hand and arm reaching straight out. Let the weight of your arm press down slightly while reaching out holding the chopstick vertical. Now, keeping that contact pressure, allow your arm to simply fall naturally to the table top without changing anything. You might think that the chopstick will simply topple toward you -- but no, it flies AWAY from you as its contact is sheared way from the surface and the applied moment rotates and translates it when released.

You never collided with the chopstick, but you never lost your connection to it, either. You joined with it -- actually helping to keeping it upright initially, and then, well -- you remained joined in not keeping it upright...

Now imagine a chopstick with several flexible taped joints trying stand vertically under its own weight. The weakest of those joints becomes the tabletop. Done dynamically, and well-oriented that applied joint failure in shear will remove the base weight holding friction for lateral support, like lifting the other end of a long rope off the ground by applying a wave to the rope.

That's what Shioda is doing.


Erick Mead
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