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Re: Measuring IP within kata

Ernesto Lemke wrote: View Post
IOW it's not a martial art but an IP foundation building practice for training a martial body. (Please Rob or anyone, correct me if I'm wrong here.)

To take Aunkai as an example again, there are a couple of youtube vids where I see both Ark and Rob applying IP in a martial training setting. Still, I'm stuck with how to functionally apply and then measure IP within aikido practice and especially aikido kata. I can see that my students don't seem able to bridge the gap from IT to aikido.
Hi Ernesto,

You bring up something that's been nagging Ark for a bit now, lol.
The Aunkai system is a Martial Art, but what's been introduced to people have only been the conditioning aspects. Unless people have the skills the so called "techniques" (not really techniques, but more IP/IS applied, what he calls "Jutsu") can't even really be entertained.
Once you have a certain amount of IP&IS in your body, it's easy to reverse engineer and figure out how to apply them to "techniques" as well.
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