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Re: Who's got Internal Training and can and will teach it?

Ashe Higgs wrote: View Post
my mistake. asking for "a lesson" is a traditional way of issuing challenges in Chinese martial arts.
Except I didn't say that. "I will learn from you" is a wry but fair comment you make to someone who is claiming to know something.
we're not too far apart, so if we ever get the chance we can meet up and share our thoughts and get some training in. i always enjoy an opportunity to see where i can improve.
I'll be happy to see what you can do.
as i get time i'll be happy to look through the aikiweb archives, but i think i might find it difficult to draw direct comparisons since we have NO TECHNIQUE whatsoever, only drills, but the drills are designed to build that connection from hand to foot, to build up the connective tissue (ligaments, tendons and bones) and to develop high levels of concentration and awareness on yourself.
It only takes a moment to check out how developed someone is, so it would be interesting to what you've developed after... what? How long?

There are some ILQ guys on QiJin, BTW. They don't go in for trash-talking on QiJin though, I'll have to admit. I've met one or two guys who have studied with Sam Chin and some who have studied with some of the other teachers who were previously mentioned. A couple of valid questions are "who has good I.S. skills", but another important question is "who is teaching them effectively so that a students training time isn't dragged out forever?". Fair question, right? I always take those two things into account when people ask me if I recommend any given teacher.

Naturally, I don't want to trash talk any teacher since it's disrespectful and can also come back to haunt, but I am interested in having and giving honest evaluations to would-be students asking for my opinion. That's why I ask questions, visit people, and so on. I want to be in a position where I can give clinically accurate and honest answers.


Mike Sigman
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