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Re: Who's got Internal Training and can and will teach it?

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hey Dan!

yeah, i'll look around and see where to post them. trying to walk softly in someone elses house ya' know. didn't wanna come in like a bull in a china shop...

that's good that you're going to get a chance to go meet up with my Sifu. any idea when? our intensive training retreat is in february, so i should be there too about then..
Hey bud
I've had about a half dozen people tell me I reminded them of Sam's approach, another one just recently (when I'm not doing MMA style work with it -just crossing hands), that's why I am intrigued. I hear he will let you play as long as people are up front, open and not D______k's. Which I'm not.
I'll shoot you a PM to see if there are any particulars.
Does he incorporate breath training?

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