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Re: Who's got Internal Training and can and will teach it?

Hello Ashe,
re: Master Sam Chin in Russia. May 2005
Thank you for posting the vid. I love the way Sam moves.
That smooth manipulation at 1:36 was wicked. I like the flick-chuck at the end of that. Not sure of the technical name for that.^ ^
Also; later, at 1:42 the reactions he gets are something else. Doesn't look like Sam moved much but was very disconcerting for the other guy. Taking balance at a touch, eh? How long in till you can start learning to do that?
ILC looks very interesting and very powerful. You guys must have a lot of fun.


p.s. Rob Watson, If you guys are serious about this list; if I understand the consensus it sounds like perhaps you should consider adding Howard Popkin and Bosco Baek. OK! Good luck.
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