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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

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hey there Mark, just thought i'd drop in to add a bit more depth to why my Sifu's name should be mentioned. (sorry if i'm a bit spammy here, but i can't pass up a such a good opportunity to plug my Sifu)

a quick bit of background - he spent most of his life up to about 32 as a fighter. challenge matches etc. but also has a verifiable full contact record (selengore state heavyweight kickboxing champion 1976, won all his fights in under 40 seconds). as Mark pointed out he lives in upstate NY but he travels all over the world teaching.

the family art, I Liq Chuan is an internal Chinese martial art which is based on Zen and tai chi principles. he's been teaching around the world now for the last 10 years or so, and similar to Dan Hardens method, our stuff is based on series of drills (both solo and two person) meant to train physical sensitivities and develop the ligaments tendons and bones. (in other words IT).

although ILC is it's own system it's very lean (basic exercises, spinning and sticky hands, there, you're done), it could be studied easily as an adjunct by those looking specifically to develop IT for their aikido (in fact we have a few aikidoka who train exactly for that purpose).

i'll just post two videos in case you may not have seen any of our stuff yet. the first is just your basic "demo clip" of him in action with some students (after the 1st minute) but that won't really tell you much so i'll include a second clip which will be a bit more like watching paint dry, but it's out method.

since i don't want to derail your topic, if anyone is interested in asking more questions specific to what i've posted, please PM.
(i have a TON of clips up here if you're interested)
Cetainly looks very interseting. Keep those vids coming!

Seminar coming to Oakland California the first week of November!


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