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Re: Self-Taught Iaido

Just for a quick update, I've been studying Iaido now for just over a month at the dojo I'd previously mentioned.

As people had pointed out, it was best not to try to actually teach myself techniques. There really is just too much that you can't pick up from a book. Again I do thank all of the people who posted constructive criticism regarding this.

However, that having been said, what I will say is that the literature I had read and all the videos I had studied of the various forms have been extremely helpful. I was able to join the dojo knowing some of the etiquette and having a basic knowledge of the names of the various movements/cuts and [very] roughly how to perform them.

I'm really enjoying what I'm learning, and the effect on my Aikido already is becoming evident -- there are certain bad habits which have never been addressed during the course of Aikido practise which are being pointed out to me as areas to improve for Iaido.

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