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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
Let's keep criticisms of other websites off of here, please. I don't think such discussions are necessary here.
Good heavens... it's the way they talk to each other on that forum. My point was more like Dan's.... I'm astounded that anyone would try to find legitimate information in questionable sources; good information is simply too hard to get. Take a quick look into the archives of public forums for in-depth information on "how to" and you'll find that at least publicly, AikiWeb has more useable "how to" information than E-Budo, Aikido Journal, Uechi Ryu, various Taiji forums, and so on. Just going to a "CMA forum" is like picking out some neighborhood Kung Fu School and assuming they have the goods because they play around with "CMA". It simply makes no sense.

In several cases in my training career, I've had teachers mention "they either figure it out or they don't" or after showing something, saying "understand". The idea of "Steal this technique" from Ueshiba actually means "figure out how I did the mechanics; use your noodle". In other words, you have to do a lot of thinking, analysing, and smart evaluating. Going to a well-known chatter forum for serious information is not really good thinking.

I've got more time studying Japanese martial arts (Judo, Karate, Aikido) than I do in actively studying Chinese martial arts, so I can make the credible observation that good Japanese teachers indicate, just as often as Chinese ones do, that you have to think. Chatter doesn't get anything done. "My teacher" and "my style" don't get anything done. The ones who know something you can spot pretty quickly, once you get a foot in the door. But you gotta think.


Mike Sigman
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