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Ernesto Lemke
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Re: Measuring IP within kata

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I left to concentrate 100% on building IS, but never to leave aikido permanently. At some point, when I'm more comfortable with being able to move in a dynamic manner, I'll revisit aikido training. Not as I'd done before ... but similar to the manner of Ueshiba or some of his students.
It would be interesting to see if, in your post-IT training phase (and I don't mean one ever reaches a point when one is 'done', merely thinking of having a solid enough IP foundation to start picking up aikido again) you will discover ways in which to integrate IT with aikido from day one. I find this especially interesting and important when starting teaching new students.

Taking the notion from HIPS as an example where it is noted that some koryu found and applied ways in which to combine IT into martial training as a whole entity, it can be done.
The question is, who does so nowadays and does so with succes?

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