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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

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Since we are going outside Aikido to find the internal strength that Aikido has lost,what better place to find people online who teach internal strengtht then a CMA forum. I have posted "List of people who can teach IT to Aikidoka" on two CMA forums;

Is there an emoticon for laughing till you pass out?

Good luck with that. I have met lineage holders, champions, and senior students who write really...really well, and they know all the lingo; upon crossing hands; they were either nothing greater than "good jujutsu men", or were laughably inept, and anywhere in between. I swear one guy I met (who was a lineage holder) my wife could probably take.
There are just as many who will argue what internal is in the ICMA as anywhere else. There are plenty of "famous" ICMA teachers who posses nothing more than good fighting skills with some basic internal components.
Of the good ones who -are- powerhouses how much you want to bet you will ever get the goods without a long, protected tenure? All the same cautions apply

It's still worth the effort to get out and feel and check people out, though the process is, well...a process. But most forums are basically the same.

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