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Re: Measuring IP within kata

I think it is a challenging measuring progress. Bob Graffagnino and I worked together a little this weekend and we talking some about the challenge of providing honest and correct feedback for a person so they can figure out if it is working or not.

A couple of times we thought it was working and it wasn't...then other times it was and we thought it wasn't.

And we laughed about it and simply trained and kept trying.

I think you simply have to get with people you think that are better than you and have an understanding and let them guide you and provide you feedback.

I think it is not so much doing it or not doing it that matters...but being able to do it over and over again with varying conditions and input on different people.

I also think that there are so many variables that get introduced in the process of feedback and trainnig that sometime it can be frustrating to communicate and provide a correct and consistent set of conditions.

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