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Basic exercise that we used to do at the very beginning of training. Remember, these exercises should be intent driven and not a lot of physical (ex. shoulder blades coming together), but when I first started, I couldn't manifest the right intent and used more physical. In time, I started using more intent and less physical.


Stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms straight out to the sides, fingers pointing out. Now, imagine with intent that you are sending energy out your arms and fingers. Physically, you should be attempting to touch the walls some distance away. If the room is small, you should be using intent to push through the walls and go beyond them.

In the very beginning of doing this, I found myself very physically pushing out. So much so that my arms felt like they were being pulled out of my shoulder sockets. Not only did it ache and give pain, but my fingers would go numb, too. I can't stress enough that at this very beginning point, I was 99% muscle. Slowly over time, that muscle relaxed and intent took over. So, if this is new, you're going to use muscle. In the beginning, that's okay. You try to relax shoulder muscles in small increments as you do the exercise.

Back to the exercise. So, the out is very physically challenging, keeping that level of effort going outwards so that I feel - literally- like my arms are being ripped from my sockets. Then, I try to bring energy inwards and again, at the beginning, it was all physical. My shoulder blades, did, in fact, come together all the time. And yes, this, too, was uncomfortable.

Normally, I would get the intent-out going and then have to drop it to get the intent-in going. I think it was a couple of months of this kind of practice before I relaxed enough to get both going at the same time. Not for long and not all the time, but it was a start.

The one thing that shows you are on the right track is the overheating and sweating aspect. You have to have the intent going a lot. Sometimes when I'm standing there, with my arms out to my sides, I try to get my intent going so that I'm reaching out to touch the walls some 9 feet away and if the intent is done right, I'll start overheating and beads of sweat start on my head somewhere between 30 seconds and a minute. This is a must. If you aren't actually physically overheating *and* either starting to sweat or sweating, you aren't doing anything right.


Your head is being pulled up by a hook that's attached near the top-back part of the head. Follow the spine up through your head and that's where the hook is located. Your chin naturally sort of tucks, but do *not* tuck the chin on purpose. Make sure head is over neck and not leaning forwards. The spine is being pulled upwards. In the beginning, this will cause you to lift the heels, but not until the spine feels stretched out. Yes, physically, you will get taller as you do this. Also you'll feel like the spine is pulling the back of your leg muscles right below butt right before the spine starts pulling the heels up.

Once you are this point, start having the heels pull your head down. But do *not* lose the upwards intent. This will really stretch your spine out. Also, adding to that, use intent to imagine a 40-60 pound weight hooked to your scrotum (I think that's the right word) area and the weight is pulling your spine down into the ground.

Then, while those two intents are going, pull the spine together with intent. When I do the pull spine together part, I feel like I'm sinking, but at the same time, I don't feel like my head is sinking. It either feels like it's staying at the same level or going up.

As with above, you should be overheated and starting to sweat (or already sweating) within a minute. If not, you aren't doing it right. If you're overheating and starting to sweat, you're on the right track but not necessarily doing it completely right.
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