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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

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As I mentioned on another thread, I find it remarkable the focus on IT/IP/IS is mainly concentrated in/on the US. When I read the list, with the exception of two instructors, the remaining individuals all live in the US and the majority of them rarely visit Europe. In fact, no European resident is noted on that list, or African, Russian, South American etc. for that matter.
I did a quick search and apparently a bit over one out of three members on this forum are from the US (To be more precise: the 'Members' Quick Link lists 12755 users; search on country 'United States' and you get 4510 matches.)
One of the most important factors in all this is (imho) that the number of native English speakers with a specific hobby, having an internet connection and interested in discussing their hobby on a forum, is large enough to sustain an online communities. If you look at the number of native Dutch speakers (ca. 22 million people vs. the 309-400 million for English(1) [both]), it's just a whole different ball game.
Checking out German and French martial arts forums might be good idea.

(1) I mean, the margin of error on that number is more than four times the number of native Dutch speakers.
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