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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
If we don't know whos who, much less how IP, IS, aiki, etc is expressed in that art just what kind of chance do we have of making a decent choice?
I don't know Mike... it seems simpler to me. I suspect decisions get more difficult as the level one is talking about gets more sophisticated.
I look around and see someone who can do something I cannot do. I find ways to train with that person until I can do it, then I look for more folks. I already have a back log so I don't see running out anytime soon. It would be different if I were worried about making the best possible choice... but so many other factors enter into it... access, compatibility, willingness of the teacher, all those practical factors. If I can be substantially better next year from where I am this year, it has to suffice. I have a nice network of folks who seem willing to help me with that. I'm not driven, like Sagawa was, to be the absolute best. So my field of choices is wider than otherwise.

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