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Re: I think I'm done with Aikido

Never sent a reply to a forum before, but fell the need. I was with the fukasa-ryu group in Pennsylvania also, in fact I was a senior student who didn't care what color his belt was and just lived for Aikido, and all offered art training . It started as Aikido Tenshinkai, Sensei's teacher was from Flordia, My respect is always, and in the beginning it was just a few of us, we trained hard and I respect our YOUNG Sensei, then one day the Sensei told me that todays students want to learn from a 5th dan or better, within the next year the Sensei's cousin, from New York started Fukasa -Ryu in year 2000 -2001 and Sensei was a fifth dan. Apparently Fukasa-Ryu "Soke" had Aikido training along with all the other arts. Today Aikido masters teacher is now a Soke-Dai. I know I missed the point of true Buda and let personal problems at the time get in my way, but forgive me for speaking up. I'm an older student who I think was respected from my peers and most likely upset at myself. We had ranks in Tenshinkai and Fukasa-Ryu, I always wore my Tenshinkai rank even after receiving an Dan ranking in Fukasa-Ryu Aikido. Teachers have an influence on students younger or older and vise versa. I'm in my 50's and wish I had just one of the extra lifetimes to master an art that, it seems, are so common. These teachers are good teachers and good people, guess I'm old fashioned (along with just old) and wish all would respect their 1st Dan and not worry past that !!!
With Respect to all, William
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