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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

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Hello Mark,
Yes all's well around these parts. Thanks for asking. Still struggling though.
When training internal skills, or aiki, I think we all struggle quite a bit.

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Then again, look at Toby Threadgill (whom I'm NOT comparing to Ueshiba lest I'm mistaken). He's noted for his IS also while primarily teaching from a kata based approach. I guess a lot of the pitfalls of this approach is covered in Takamura Sensei's excellent article on Shu-ha-ri.
So here at least is one example of a training methodology where the outcome of IS does not require solely focusing on IT.

Ernesto Lemke
Hmm ... I was thinking of the aikido world.

Outside that ... as Ellis Amdur mentions in his book, quite a few koryu had some sort of Internal Training.
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