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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

Mr. Lemke

1. IT is not dependant on an art but there are pitfalls to just blowing off some methods contained in the arts on how to USE IP.
2. Then again, it's another HUGE pitfall to look at someones fighting ability and equate that or use it as support for his IP -which may very well be less than stellar as a complete set of IP/aiki skills.
3. Then again someone with very good internal power does not necessarily know how to use it in a martial context.

I have seen all of the above-up close and personal.

Have fun winding your way through the maze, as others have for generations before you. The only real difference I would caution against in the modern age is listening to people telling you what to do, and what is best for you in your art.
I am big advocate for getting out and about and deciding on your own.
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