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Ernesto Lemke
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Measuring Internal Power within kata

In IT some drills appear to function both as a means towards building up IP as well as function as a means for evaluating that progress at the same time. I perceive measuring progress by the way I'm, for instance, able to resist increasing amounts of resistance (like in receiving pushes) as some drills give immediate feedback on whether it works or doesn't. I don't find the equivalent of such a means for evaluating progress of IP within the aikido kata (the exception maybe being suwari waza kokyu-ho/kokyu-dosa) other then making the technique work. However, I perceive too many variables within kata training due to it's prescribed form and requirements.
I'm curious as to how others evaluate their IP progress within aikido kata training. What do you look for or focus on? What have you run into? Did your kata improve? And if not, what makes you continue to still work on kata?

Ernesto Lemke
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