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Ernesto Lemke
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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

Hello Mark (Murray),

Out of curiosity, how did you decide to and how do you divide your training time? Aikido and IT: 50-50? When you say you have a student training for 6 months progressing nicely, did you refer to his IP? And if so, how would you evaluate his aikido progress in comparison? Merely wondering. Especially so considering your comment regarding Rob John. When you say he was light years ahead, I take it you where referring to his IS. I recall Mike writing something to the extend of any martial expression ideally being proceeded or supported by IS fundamentals (I'm paraphrasing from memory so I certainly could be wrong in my assumption, if so, my apologies Mike).

For those of us who are trying to integrate or (re)introduce IT to their martial training, the way to do this poses quite a challenge.
The best of luck to all of us,

Ernesto Lemke

As I mentioned on another thread, I find it remarkable the focus on IT/IP/IS is mainly concentrated in/on the US. When I read the list, with the exception of two instructors, the remaining individuals all live in the US and the majority of them rarely visit Europe. In fact, no European resident is noted on that list, or African, Russian, South American etc. for that matter.
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