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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

Murray McPherson wrote: View Post
No, that definitely seems to be his intent, and it's an exciting trend. What I meant was that you've got three guys who are widely held to be lightyears ahead of most.
Hello Murray,

I'll add a short bit. When I met Rob John (who trains with Akuzawa), he had been training for 4-5 years. He was light years ahead of me. So, those training actively (not like me, I'm at a distance) with one of the big three are going to be very good in about 5 years. Some have been training for a year already. It really is going to be interesting to see how the US aikido world changes over time. A relatively short time.

What I think some people don't realize is that some of us have started teaching others. No, we can't do all the things the big three can do, yes we're still struggling with a lot of IT stuff. But, I know from personal experience that I can bring people up to my level of ability. I have two students who are nearly my equal and one that's progressing nicely (he only has about 6 months training in).

Instead of people having to wait 5 years for someone to get "good" enough to demo and teach, then have them teach some people who have to wait 5 years to do it all again, we're teaching right now. Dan's plan was brilliant and nothing anyone had ever thought of doing. Teach the teachers, yes. But, an added point that few have brought up. Take the IT back and start teaching now. So, now imagine 5 years from now ...
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