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I remember when the UFC first came out and how we would finally see which style would win out. What was very interesting is that because they were in a results based situation none of the participants gave a damn about style after maybe the second one. They went out and studied what worked and what they didn't know. In other words, they left the concept of who had the better style to the philosophers.

Sometimes I think a good dojo brawl might help things. It would get people out of the BS and into the realm of what's really important--like not getting into dojo brawls or fights for that matter.

Tony Peters wrote:
You are correct most fights are over quick smashing the fragile 26 (or whatever) odd bones of the hand into the solid 3 of the human head is not healthly and usually promotes a quick finish on the part of the puncher.
So much for putting the hands in the flaming coals.

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