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Re: intimidation

what is the best action to take if someone is deliberately trying to intimidatte you eg staring etc
and is defiinitiely looking for trouble
and how can you help stop yourself becoming intimidated by them
Similar to other posts, you have to assess whether the intimidation is social or predetory. I think Ledyard Sensei has some better terminolgy...

I remember several incidents that involved predetory behavior. In those cases the intimidation engagement was entriely distraction while other persons moved into an attack position. After a few of these "jumpings" I learned quickly not to focus on a single individual but use a more peripheral view. Also, I was "chosen" to be jumped, and my actions did not cause the group to abort the intended plan.

On the other hand, the social intimidation (classic bully) situations I encountered did not require a guarded fight position, but rather a non-intimidated response to demostrate the intimidation was ineffective.
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