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Just wanted to thank everyone so far.

So what am I doing? Well, I'm not gonna say, yet. Mostly, I'm attempting a proof of concept on something which is completely non-innovative in concept but pretty probably unique and innovative in execution. So far, scope creep is massive and if it continues growing exponentially then it may never see the light of day. One guy == long time to finish. Then again I do have a semi-working model which does about 10% of what I'd like it to do so who knows.

Edward, I'd very much like to see the AAA requirements. If you would be so kind as to send them to I would be grateful.

Steven, I was amused by something on your list. I didn't know you Yoshinkai guys recommend a dark blue hakama. I used to wear one and in a semi-irregular fashion someone would ask me what it meant and whether I was ranked lower than the people with the black ones. Now, I'm back in black.

Ted, thank you very much for adding an age requirement to my little project. Actually, I should have remembered it, it's pretty common.
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